Pediatric Dentist in Lake Worth & Royal Palm Beach

Royal Palm Pediatrics

A visit to your Pediatric Dentist in Royal Palm Beach will benefit you and your child!

Establishing a relationship with your dentist and his or her staff will help to make your visits to the office more pleasant and comfortable. By getting to know the people who you are working with, will make asking questions about your mouth easier and thereby help to remove some of the fears you may have associated with pediatric dentistry.

When your pediatric dentist speaks to you about the condition of your mouth and recommends treatment to you, feel free to ask questions about the type of work and what the outcome should be. The more you know about your mouth, the more involved you can be in the care and maintenance of your mouth. Since you will have the greatest amount of contact with the dental staff, get to know the rest of the dental team.
kids smiling after visiting Anderson Dental's pediatric dentist

Pediatric Dentist And Team

The staff is trained to assist the dentist. A hygienist may clean and polish your teeth and instruct you in proper home care. If you have any problems or questions the hygienist will alert the doctor for you. The office staff is responsible for the appointments, billing and insurance. They are well versed in these areas and are usually able to answer any questions you may have about such matters. Together with your dentist, you can keep your smile healthy and happy.

Baby Teeth and Teething

Be sure to examine all of your baby’s teeth especially on the inside or the tongue side every two weeks for dull whiter spots or lines. Learn more about baby teeth, losing baby teeth, thumbsucking, and teething.

Your Child's New Adult Teeth

Even though baby teeth will be replaced by the permanent teeth, they are crucial to the jaw development and positioning of the permanent teeth of your child. Baby teeth are responsible for guiding the permanent teeth into their proper place in the mouth.

First Pediatric Dentist Visit

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be a pleasant experience and should be before age 2, definitely before all 20 teeth are in the mouth.